Our selection of home and commercial lighting are manufactured with strict guidelines and high quality materials in order to ensure the products outlive their stated lifespan. Whether manufactured in China or Europe, the attention to the product finishing and manufacturer quality control processes is important to us, and therefore, unlike some of the competition, we are able to offer extended warranty terms in order to provide our clients with piece of mind, while purchasing at the most competitive prices.

LED MTD0700612/13 Down Light

LED 175mm Down-Light LED MTD0700612/13 – 13W-4000K 1200Lm

LED MTD0700612 Down-Light

LED 175mm Down-Light LED MTD0700612/ 14W-3000K / 4000K 1200Lm

LED MTD0700612/07 Down-Light

LED 175mm Down-Light LED MTD0700612/07 – 14W-4000K 1200Lm

LED MTD0700812/08 Down-Light

LED 210mm Down-Light LED MTD0700812/08 – 29W-3000K / 4000K 2500Lm

LED MLQ08 Spot Light

LED 8W Spot Light MLQ08/ 4000K-MW-40? Adjustable

LED-MTH56009 Ceiling (Spot) Down-Light

LED Ceiling (Spot) Down-Light LED-MTH56009/ 5*1W-3000K 450Lm Adjustable

LED-MTH56021 Ceiling (Spot) Down-Light

LED Ceiling (Spot) Down-Light LED-MTH56021/ 5*1W-3000K 450Lm Adjustable

LED-MGL41110 Grille Light

LED Grille Light LED-MGL41110/ 6W-5000K 380Lm Adjustable

LED-MGL41210 Grille Light

LED Grille Light LED-MGL41210/ 6*2W-5000K 740Lm Adjustable



Whether for your private garden, or support to the landscaping of a convention centre, we offer a wide range of exterior lighting products the serve different tastes.

Our fiber optic product is very advanced and unique, and can provide clients with a customized interior lighting feel, providing lighting points in a room, or on the outside of a building, that do not contain electricity, heat, or require any replacement/service.

Our selection of street lighting products include very high quality fittings that comply with the strictest local authority requirements such as materials used and lifespan.