About Us

Protech Energy EMT LLC was established in 1987, in order to cater to the United Arab Emirates market needs by providing distribution and services for a wide variety of electrical products ranging from cables to street lighting.

Having completed our 30th Anniversary back in 2017, Protech Energy has no doubt adapted to a rapidly evolving market and built strong foundations and partnerships over the years, both with manufacturers and clients alike.

In 2013, the company restructured and generated three divisions in order to service new market needs, while maintaining focus on quality for service provision to our clientele.

Healthcare, Education, Lighting and Electrical, as the divisions were branded, proved an instant success thanks to the infrastructure investment by the shareholders, the investment in training for the existing team and the new appointments made by the company in order to bring in huge experience in the different fields.

Today, we continue to grow controllably, partnering with new clients and suppliers, maintaining the vision and mission of the company.


The company aspires to be an industry leader in the services it provides. The right resources with the right mentality can bring endless achievements. We recognize that we cannot lose focus or over stretch our resources, and therefore maintain vigilance to attain steady growth.

The shareholders are continuously reinvesting in our infrastructure to ensure that we are quickly leading change during technology advancements and industry changes.


The company aspires for growth and lead with evolving processes and quality control in order to become the envy of the industry.

Director Message

Clients are the most important ‘assets’ of any sales organization. Without them, we cannot exist.In Protech Energy, we operate in a transparent manner, and commit to obligations that we know we can execute.In order to execute our commitments in-line with our clients’ expectations, we ensure that internally, our processes are maintained, and provide our employees with an open door policy, allowing an early report to produce a swift reaction to resolve a potential challenge. Every sales order has its challenges and we are well equipped to expect, react and solve.Additionally, and most importantly, we welcome direct communication from our clients to any level within our organisation, regardless of how significant the challenge may be.The future is difficult to predict. What we can do today is to ensure that we can quickly adapt to any industry changes by continuously reacting to market feedback and technology changes. On the hind side, we also strive to lead change when the opportunity arises.